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Europe Online and Kabel Deutschland Bring Broadband Internet Connectivity to German Cable Networks. Pilot Project Starts In Hameln.

Hameln, Lower Saxony, October 29, 2002

More than 20,000 cable households in Hameln near Hanover will now be able to enjoy new multimedia services. Starting today, all Kabel Deutschland Hameln subscribers will be able to experience a new world of broadband Internet connectivity, complete with DSL-speed surfing, and video-on-demand. Europe Online and Kabel Deutschland are bundling their activities to feed broadband and multimedia Internet services into cable networks so that local cable communities can now access these interactive broadband services from one day to the next.

End user acquisition for the first pilot project in Hameln will start on November 1. All connected households will then be able to access a PC-based multimedia center in the home, allowing for fast Internet access, exclusive streaming channels, thousands of downloads, offline E-mail notification E-Lert as well as all free-to-air digital TV and radio programs.

The official presentation of this joint venture project, taking place in the Hameln Weserberglandzentrum and fed directly into cable network, was witnessed by high-level representatives from the media, business and government communities. A live concert by a surprise guest, the „King of Rock’n Roll“ Martin Möbius, known as the best German Elvis Presley impersonator 2002, welcomed the audience both online and offline. First subscribers to the pilot project and the onsite audience were able to watch the concert streamed live in MPEG4 quality by Europe Online into the cable networks, chat with “Elvis”, and to order tickets online for the next “Elvis concert” taking place in Hameln on November 23. Furthermore, all participants could download a copy of an Elvis Presley documentary MPEG2 video plus his greatest hits– all of this available in MP3 quality using Europe Online´s exclusive fast offline 2 Mbps multicast channel.

Starting today, all Kabel Deutschland subscribers in Hameln can immerse themselves into the new world of broadband interactive connectivity and multimedia. All households are being offered the possibility to take part in the pilot project and receive a digital PC card free of charge. Both companies intend to start regular service upon completion of the pilot project. There is also a possibility to extend the service to other regions in Germany with Kabel Deutschland network coverage.

„At a time where any investment in terrestrial broadband media requires optimal cost efficiency, this bundling of Kabel Deutschland´s cable technology and Europe Online´s multicast broadband Internet technology is not only an intelligent business strategy, but in particular it provides attractive added value for existing cable customers”, Dr. Hans-Joachim Danner, Managing Director of Kabel Deutschland-Niedersachsen/Bremen explained. “We are very pleased to be able to consequently pursue our business strategy by feeding our services directly into Kabel Deutschland´s cable network, thus enabling a broadband interactive Europe for the home”, Candace Johnson, Europe Online´s President added.

Key features of the pilot project:
  • Europe Online´s Broadband Internet and Multimedia via satellite fed into the cable network of Kabel Niedersachsen/Bremen GmbH.
  • Start of pilot project: November 1, 2002.
  • Europe Online to provide digital PCI receive cards (DVB-C) to all subscribers of the pilot project free of charge.
  • PC hardware requirements: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher, > 500 MHz to receive both TV and video streams, 64 MB RAM, 120 MB free disk space, CD-ROM, modem or ISDN-adapter, Windows 98 SE / ME / 2000 Pro SP2 / XP and any dial-up connection to the Internet, e.g. using call-by-call service.
  • Service includes fast, DSL-like surfing („EOL FastSurf"), reception of free-to-air TV and radio programs on the PC, offline E-mail notification E-Lert, exclusive streaming channels and blockbuster movies in digital video and audio quality, a games channel, with a kids channel and sports channel coming soon, for live horsebetting, thousands of offline downloads at 2 Mbps such as software, games, music, and movies.
  • Winner of three independent tests conducted this year by large German magazines: Online Today 5/02, Tomorrow 8/02 and PC Praxis 9/02.
  • Planned subscription fees: 100 Euro one-time installation fee including the required DVB-C PCI receive card (not charged to pilot test users), 9.90 Euro basic monthly subscription fee.
  • 3.9 Cents per minute for EOL FastSurf; automatic activation/deactivation guarantees cost-effective surfing, individual current usage can be checked on personalized user page.
  • Hotline service for pilot test users in Hameln: 0511 / 7253-2345
  • Additional information available on the Internet:, and

  • For more information, please contact:

    Europe Online Investments S.A. Kabel Deutschland
    Candace Johnson Reiner Bienek and Ralf Wolter
    Tel. +352 719 785 1 Tel. +49 511 854 01253
    E-Mail: E-Mail:
    Pressekontakt Europe Online Deutschland
    Wortwerk; René Wagner
    Tel. +49 211 621 805 10

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