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Press Releases

Client EOL releases new encrypted File Fetch client
... Europe Online Investments S.A. announced today that it has released its new File Fetch client with an advanced level of encryption. - 29/12/04 - 
Patent European Patent Office grants European Patent for "Integrated High-Speed Terrestrial and Satellite Communications Systems for Internet and Other Uses" to Europe Online Investments S.A.
... Innovative Broadband Internet Provider has led the field for ten years in High-Speed Internet, Video on Demand, and Multi Media via Satellite and Cable. - 09/06/04 - 
Opera for Everyman European Commission-Sponsored Open Drama Consortium Premieres “Opera for Everyman”

Multimedia Opera Platform for the 21st Century debuts today on the Eutelsat W3 Satellite throughout Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Caucuses - 23/04/04 - 

EOL Version 2.0 EOL Version 2.0

Europe Online releases Milestone Version 2.0 for the Ultimate in Broadband Internet via Satellite New Client brings improved access and flexibility to High-Speed Bandwith, Turbo Downloads and first-Run VOD Films in DVD-Quality
- 24/03/04 - 

Persiatech Europe Online & Persiatech partnership
Very good start for 2004 signing exclusive contract between Europe Online and Persiatech for exclusivity in Iran and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. - 05/02/04 - 
DSL Freedom Dish Europe Online introduces...
... the DSL Freedom Dish. - 11/12/03 - 
Service available now in Ten Languages. Europe Online unveils...
... new DSL Digital Download Library. - 31/10/03 - 
Service available now in Ten Languages. Europe Online Service available now in Ten Languages...
... Strong CEE Ltd. is East European Partner - 23/10/03 - 
Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights Europe Online initiates Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights...
... and introduces Volks DSL Tariff of 9.90 Euro per month - 25/09/03 - 
EOL Broadband Shop Europe Online inaugurates EOL Broadband Shop.
- 27/08/03 - 
File Fetch client Europe Online raises the barrier for Satellite Broadband...
...with “Pay By the Byte” Bandwidth Add-On Packs. - 05/08/03 - 
File Fetch client Europe Online celebrates 4 Years “Internet in the Sky”...
...with 150 € Annual E-DSL via Satellite Offer across Europe on ASTRA and Eutelsat. - 16/05/03 - 
File Fetch client Europe Online unveils Technology for Marriage of...
...Unicast/Multicast Satellite-delivered DSL High-Speed Internet Networks. - 08/05/03 - 
Primacom Broadband Internet sparks German Cable with new life...
...PrimaCom and Europe Online bring Highspeed-Internet to 450 MHz TV Cable Networks. - 13/03/03 - 
E-DSL Starter Pack Broadband Multimedia and Internet by Satellite on your PC...
...Europe Online introduces the "E-DSL via Satellite Starter Pack" for just €69.99. - 27/02/03 - 
TV Babo Europe Online and TV Babo sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement... order to bring fast Internet and Multimedia Services via Satellite to Portuguese Market. - 17/02/03 - 
Marcus Bicknell Europe Online nabs Bicknell.
- 17/02/03 - 
Datacargo Europe Online and Datacargo Sign...
...Cooperation Agreement for Video on Demand Services on Set-Top Boxes. - 17/02/03 - 
Eutelsat Europe Online Extends its Network onto Eutelsat and...
...Introduces 24.90 Euro Tariff for E-DSL via Satellite to all Citizens across Europe. - 30/01/03 - 
BT Broadcast Services Europe Online and BT Broadcast Services sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement... bring affordable, attractive Broadband Internet, DSL, and Multi-Media Services to the Mass-Consumer Market. - 21/11/02 - 
Kabel Deutschland Pilot Project Starts In Hameln...
...Europe Online and Kabel Deutschland Bring Broadband Internet Connectivity to German Cable Networks. - 29/10/02 - 
Celimage Lauch Celimage and Europe Online present...
...all-purpose, all-in-one Multi-Media, High-Resolution, Digital Picture Archive and Electronic Distribution Center online at the Frankfurt Book Fair. - 09/10/02 - 
Lifetime Achievement Award 2002 WORLD COMMUNICATION AWARDS 2002.
Eurotip, 20€ for new customer Europe Online "goes to the races".
20,- Euros Betting Money free on Eurotip.TV for all subscribers to Europe Online and EOL Skybooster powered by Plenexis - 28/08/02 - 
PCPr@xis Europe Online wins PC Praxis Test.
PC Praxis names Europe Online/Plenexis Test Winner among all Satellite DSL Providers in Germany - 08/08/02 - 
Eurotip Online Betting with Europe Online and EUROTIP.
Users follow Races Live on PC in TV Quality Broadband Streaming - 23/07/02 - 
OpenDrama EU-Sponsored "Open Drama" Consortium meets in Luxembourg.
Satellite Broadband Distribution Network to be provided by Europe Online - 17/06/02 - 
Celimage Europe Online and Celimage announce Joint Venture Project
The project : To establish High Resolution Digital Picture Archive and Electronic Distribution Center in Luxembourg - 07/06/02 - 
Installation CD version 1.6 New Installation CD Version 1.6
Europe Online launches Version 1.6 Multimedia Software with "EOL/Plenexis SkyBooster" DSL-Satellite Surfing... - 28/05/02 - 
SkyBooster on Hauppauge and TechnoTrend EOL SkyBooster now available with more DVB cards
"EOL/Plenexis SkyBooster" - DSL-Satellite Surfing up to 768 Kbps (3.9 cents per minute) now available on Hauppauge, TechnoTrend and TechniSat cards.
- 27/05/02 - 
@Online Today Europe Online wins Online Today Test
"Online Today" selected Europe Online as the winner among all Satellite Internet DSL Providers.
- 25/04/02 - 
SkyBooster Alliance between Europe Online and Plenexis
Strategic Alliance to bring High-Speed Internet and broadband multimedia services via satellite
- 25/04/02 -