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 Services in general 
  What kind of services do you provide? >>>
  Are you an Internet via Satellite Provider as well? >>>
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  How does the service work? >>>
  What is a satellite? >>>
  What is a transponder? >>>
  On which satellites are your services based on? >>>
  How do the ordered files get to my PC? >>>
  What are the streams? >>>
  How does the Streaming work? >>>
  Why do I still need my internet connection? >>>
  How can I surf the Internet via satellite? >>>
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 Satellite Dish 
  What is a satellite dish? >>>
  What are the differents types of satellite dish? >>>
  Where can I purchase a satellite dish? >>>
  What size of satellite dish do I need? >>>
  What kind of satellite dish do I need? >>>
  Where do I have to point my satellite dish to? >>>
  What is an LNB? >>>
  Can I use a satellite dish with an analogue LNB as well? >>>
  How can I check if my LNB is analogue or digital? >>>
  Can I use a Sky minidish? >>>
  Can I use satellite dishes with a multifeed system? >>>
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 Footprint coverage 
  Where can I receive your service? >>>
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 PC and Software requirements 
  Which requirements does my PC have to meet? >>>
  Which operating systems are supported? >>>
  Can I use your service under Linux? >>>
  Can I use the servive on a Mac computer? >>>
  Which DVB PCI cards can I use for receiving Europe Online? >>>
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 Digital TV 
  Which and how many TV and radio stations can I receive with the DVB card in
  your kit? >>>
  Can I receive payTV channels? >>>
  I have a Multifeed satellite system; can I as well view channels from other
  satellites? >>>
  Will I be able to view the TV channels in full screen mode? >>>
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  What is the MediaThek? >>>
  What is a stream box? >>>
  Are all Streaming channels free? >>>
  How can I receive the streams? >>>
  Can I watch the streams offline? >>>
  What is the "Video on Demand"/"Fast 5" service? >>>
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 Multicast Downloads 
  What is a multicast download? >>>
  At which speed do I receive multicast downloads?>>>
  How is it different from normal Internet downloads?>>>
  How do I receive a download? >>>
  How long do I have to wait for a download? >>>
  How can I request downloads from other websites? >>>
  Does my Internet connection need to remain switched on while receiving downloads? >>>
  Does my PC have to remain turned on to receive scheduled download?>>>
  Is it possible to do direct downloading? >>>
  Can I download from file sharing programs like WinMX, Edonkey, Morpheus, etc.?>>>
  Can I use download managers like CuteFTP, Getright, FlashGet, etc.?>>>
  How secure is your download system?>>>
  Can I download whatever I want; do you control my download content?>>>
  Can I watch streams on my PC while receiving a multicast download?>>>
  Can I watch TV channels on my PC screen while receiving a multicast download?>>>
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 Download Centre 
  What is the Download Centre? >>>
  How does the Download Centre work? >>>
  What kind of files do you have in the Download Centre? >>>
  How often is the Download Centre updated? >>>
  In which languages are your downloads available? >>>
  Are all the files for free or do you charge for some files? >>>
  Is there a download description available for the files in the Download Centre? >>>
  Are the files freeware or shareware? >>>
  Can I suggest a file to be added to the Download Centre? >>>
  What is the best way to request downloads? >>>
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 File Fetch 
  What is File Fetch? >>>
  Can I request files from all kinds of servers? >>>
  Can I get files from secured/password-protected websites? >>>
  Can I access my file zone from anywhere? >>>
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 EOL FastSurf 
  What is "EOL FastSurf"? >>>
  How does "EOL FastSurf" work? >>>
  How can I order the "EOL FastSurf" service? >>>
  Can the EOL FastSurf service be used in a LAN Network environment? >>>
  Can EOL FastSurf be used together with a firewall application? >>>
  Can EOL FastSurf be used with any Internet Service Provider? >>>
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  What is E-LERT? >>>
  Can I also send E-Mails via satellite with E-LERT? >>>
  Can I also receive E-Mail attachments via satellite with E-LERT? >>>
  Can I use E-LERT with an e-mail address from another provider? >>>
  How many characters of an e-mail does E-LERT display? >>>
  What is the maximum storage size of my POP account mailbox? >>>
  What is the maximum E-Mail size or attachment size I can send? >>>
  How many e-mail addresses do I have with Europe Online? >>>
  Can I have my Europe Online e-mails forwarded to my regular e-mail account? >>>
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  What kind of offers do you propose? >>>
  What does the "Europe Online E-DSL Service" offer give me access to? >>>
  How much cost the different offers? >>>
  What brand and model is the DVB card included in the Europe Onlineoffers? >>>
  Can I keep the Europe Online DVB card after my membership expires? >>>
  How can I order the offers ? >>>
  Are there any additional charges? >>>
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 Order Online 
  My address is not accepted; what can I do? >>>
  My credit card number is not accepted; what can I do? >>>
  I don't have a credit card, how can I order? >>>
  Is the Order Online Process secure? >>>
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 Delivery information 
  How do you deliver the different packages? >>>
  Why is the country I live in not listed in the order form? >>>
  How long will it take until I receive my package? >>>
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 Terms and Conditions 
  Where can I have a look at the terms & conditions? >>>
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  Products and prices >>>
  Activation and Information about my Europe Online Account >>>
  Delivery of my order >>>
  Modification of my Personal Details >>>
  Why is my Account blocked? >>>
  Information concerning my Invoices >>>
  How can I prolong my EOL subscription? >>>
  How and when can I cancel my account? >>>
  Refund >>>

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 Technical FAQs 
  Where can I find more info about technical issues? >>>
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