Download - Download Centre & File Fetch, fast downloads, high speed downloads (mp3s, DVDs, movie trailers, game trailers, and software downloads)

Faster and inexpensive because it's offline & via satellite; our Download Centre is probably the most advanced & unique delivery system in the world!
Thousands of games, music videos, softwares, films, trailers and MP3's at 2 Mbps speed guaranteed.
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File Fetch is designed to be your personal file request system. It is a special download service only offered by Europe Online.
Download the files of your choice from anywhere on the Internet (ftp or http) via satellite at 2 Mbps speed.
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*Estimated download times and prices calculated based on average delivery times and on prices and tariffs in force in Germany at the time of the study. Europe Online's download time represents the estimated time to download a given file from Europe Online's servers at an average speed of 2Mb/s, after the file has been scheduled for delivery. Estimated times may vary in accordance with servers availability, time of the request, number of requests, users' ISPs, and do not take into account the scheduling times of delivery.