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PC Praxis names Europe Online/Plenexis Test Winner among all Satellite DSL Providers in Germany.

Luxembourg, 8th august 2002

For the third time in a row now, Europe Online/Plenexis has been judged the best Satellite DSL Provider in Germany by a leading German consumer magazine.

PC Praxis, Germany's largest computer magazine tested the various satellite DSL Internet offerings of Europe Online/Plenexis, Strato, and Deutsche Telekom and declared Europe Online/Plenexis the winner by far. The test results follow on the heels of Europe Online being judged the winner in similar tests conducted by Online Today and Tomorrow magazines.

As with the other tests, the unique combination of Europe Online's "EOL SkyBooster powered by Plenexis" DSL-like Satellite Surfing, coupled with the numerous, varied, multicast value-add services such as video-on-demand, email alert service, off-line file delivery on-demand, and a repertoire of more than 10,000 software, games, music and film downloads combined with high-quality Internet streams from MTV, Playboy and VCL Films, as well as the new EuroTip betting Service with live horse-racing streams has been the deciding factor along with the price/performance quality Europe Online offers.

"We would like to thank our more than 50,000 registered new and old users for their incredible fidelity and use of Europe Online," said Candace Johnson, President of Europe Online Investments S.A. "Through the interactive medium of the Internet we are able to take into the account the suggestions of our users and constantly improve the service. Being judged Number 1 once could be luck. Being judged Number 1 three times is the sign of continued quality service and good price/performance," concluded Kai Lauterjung, CEO of Plenexis, Europe Online's partner in providing the "EOL Skybooster" satellite surfing service.

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Europe Online Investments S.A. Plenexis Holding GmbH:
Candace Johnson Knut Floeter
Tel. +352 719 785 1 Tel. +49 228 519 2401
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Pressekontakt Europe Online Deutschland
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