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Europe Online raises the barrier for Satellite Broadband with “Pay By the Byte” Bandwidth Add-On Packs.

Luxembourg, 05 August 2003

Broadband customers across Europe, Middle East and North Africa can now access DSL via Satellite today at affordable prices, tailored to their needs.

Europe Online, the innovative satellite broadband pioneer, raised the barrier again today with the introduction of “Pay by the Byte” Bandwidth Add-On Packs, allowing customers to tailor their broadband experience by purchasing only the Broadband access they need.

Customers already receiving Europe Online's standard "e-DSL via satellite" with standard 1GB access to each of EOL’s innovative File Fetch and Fast Surf services per month can increase their bandwidth allotment by buying 5 GB Add-on Packs for high-speed surfing and downloading and use them any time during their annual subscription.

"This way," declared Europe Online's President Candace Johnson, "when a customer has special needs for more bandwidth, they can just order their 5 GB Add-On Packs online and immediately use the extra bandwidth for their desired downloads. This innovation is particularly attractive when using Europe Online's patented File Fetch technology, which allows broadband users to download heavy files such as software, CD's, games, or videos at 2 Mbits per second with Forward Error Correction right to their hard-disk of their PC or television set top boxes.

Europe Online's 5GB Add-On packs are available for 50 Euro each to use concurrently with an annual EOL subscription. Customers may purchase as many packs as they wish and “Pay by the Byte.”

The 5GB Add-On Packs are released concurrently with Europe Online’s 4th Anniversary Special, where customers can purchase an EOL E-DSL Service Pack, which includes 1 Year e-DSL Satellite DSL Service and a Satellite Modem Card for 150 EUR (plus postage and packing). With this package, customers can use their existing satellite television dish to access the broadband Internet quickly and easily.

About Europe Online:

Europe Online Investments S.A. owns and operates one of the first and largest Satellite Internet/Multimedia networks in the world. The Luxembourg-based company claims 60,000 users for its E-DSL Broadband Internet via satellite and service complete with video on demand, MP3, Games, software and films. Users typically connect up to their existing satellite dish or have one installed, and can use the internet service provider of their choice for the modem connection by telephone. Europe Online is the only Broadband Internet Provider to be on both the ASTRA and the Eutelsat satellite systems and has distribution partnerships with BT, Kabel Deutschland, and PrimaCom, among others.

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A.  
Candace Johnson  
Tel. +352 719 785 1  
Fax +352 719 787  

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