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Europe Online celebrates 4 Years “Internet in the Sky” with 150 € Annual E-DSL via Satellite Offer across Europe on ASTRA and EUTELSAT

Luxembourg, 16 May 2003

" The beautiful thing about satellites", declared Candace Johnson, founder and President of Europe Online as well as one of the initiators of the ASTRA satellite system and Loral Cyber Star-Teleport Europe, " is that they are totally blind to barriers of any kind and create an immediate infrastructure for new technologies, new markets, and new applications."

Four years ago on 14 May 1999, Europe Online became the first to introduce mass-consumer Broadband Internet via Satellite on a major scale across Europe on two transponders on the ASTRA satellite system. “Just as Europe led the world in bringing "Freedom of Choice", multi-lingual, multi-cultural, ‘Direct to Home’ satellite television to its citizens in the 80's, we wanted to bring those same citizens the opportunity to have interactivity, broadband connectivity, and a converged Internet/Television experience in their home via those same satellite dishes at the dawn of the 21st century", declared Europe Online’s founder.

" A long series of firsts ensued,” commented Johnson, “commencing with the first Broadband Internet transmissions with 2Mbps download speeds, 1 Mbps IP Video Streams, DSL speeds of 768 Kbps even though we did not know this was DSL speed!”

Europe Online was also the first to offer end-users the possibility of using their existing ISP via a proxy network for the return channel, thus providing a totally open-standards, hybrid satellite/terrestrial network. The company wrote the specs for open-standard DVB-IP reception cards and gave the first order of 100,000 cards, slashing consumer costs in half. Europe Online was also the first to delivers full-length films complete with embedded digital rights management for pay-per-view to end-users desktops.

It was also the first to enable end-users to download heavy files anywhere from the net as opposed to walled garden approach in multicast fashion. Recently, the broadband satellite Internet operator announced the ‘marriage’ of the unicast/multicast functionality in the client for the end-user (see related press release of 08 May 2003).

"To name just two more accomplishments among a plethora of firsts, Europe Online is the first to offer its DSL via satellite service in 8 languages across Europe and the first to be on Europe's two major satellite systems,” noted the company’s president.

“We would like to thank all those who have championed and supported Europe Online in the last four years to become and remain one of the world’s premier and largest Broadband DSL Satellite Internet Access and Content Delivery Networks,” concluded Johnson. “In particular, we would like to thank our loyal users who have continued to choose Europe Online as their DSL via Satellite Internet provider over later entrants in the market and our wonderful international team. With the introduction of our Special Anniversary offer of 150 € E-DSL via Satellite anywhere in Europe one year long including free DVB-PCI Card, we are completing yet another important step in our goal to bring citizens across Europe immediate and democratic access to DSL via satellite.”

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A.  
Candace Johnson  
Tel. +352 719 785 1  

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