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Celimage and Europe Online present all-purpose, all-in-one Multi-Media, High-Resolution, Digital Picture Archive and Electronic Distribution Center online at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Luxembourg, 9th October 2002

09 October 2002, Frankfurt: "As of 9:00 a.m. today, art editors around the world have the possibility to edit, select, publish, distribute, and commercialize high resolution images for their every publishing need with the all-purpose, all-in-one digital picture archive and electronic distribution center provided by Celimage S.A., its technology provider, Celartem, and its application service provider, Europe Online." With these words, Gerard Bonnevay, co-founder and Chief Executive officer of Luxembourg-based Celimage S.A. premiered the online presence of the Celimage service on the joint stand it is sharing with SCALA Group at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

"It has been a tremendous opportunity for Europe Online to work with Celimage and Celartem to enable art editors and publishers with all the tools they need to select, purchase, reproduce, and then sell high-resolution digital images around the world for the B2B and B2C public," remarked Candace Johnson, Europe Online's President.

Scala Spa of Florence Italy and owner of one of the most famous museum image archives in the world is to use the Celimage service being premiered at the fair. Other content providers and users will follow Scala in making their content available online to be electronically traded through the Celimage service via credit card, wire transfer, and direct debit.

In the framework of the jointly offered service, Europe Online is responsible for hosting the digital picture archive at its world-class network operations center in Betzdorf as well as being an Application Service Provider (ASP) and Network Distributor for the Celimage Service. The Celimage service consists of offering high-resolution digital images for reproduction to publishers around the world and then to the public at large.

"Europe Online's next generation digital converged broadband network where "content is delivery" and "storage is transport" responds perfectly to the needs of Celimage for a storage area network, electronic distribution and an application service provider," remarked Jiro Shindo, President of Celartem Technology Inc. and founder of Celimage S.A.

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