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Europe Online unveils new DSL Digital Download Library.

Hottest Movie Trailers, Coolest Music Videos, Best Games and Latest Software for End-Users, Satellite, Cable and terrestrial DSL operators all aggregated in one easy-to-use “Click and Download” Broadband Portal

Betzdorf, 31 October 2003: Europe Online, one of the world’s premiere satellite broadband operators providing service since May 1999 is again leading the way with the unveiling today of its new and improved DSL Digital Download Library.

The EOL Digital Download Library aggregates in one easy to use “Click and Download” multilingual Broadband Portal all of the rich media that DSL users are increasingly getting accustomed to – streaming videos, electronic games, Japanese cartoons, music, and the latest software applications, thus transforming the computer into a multimedia center for the home. In addition to having its own editors who daily update the DSL Digital Download Library, EOL also offers the possibility to content providers and users to be represented or have their requests represented in the interactive, multimedia Broadband Portal.

All DSL Broadband users, be they terrestrial, satellite, or cable, and regardless of whether they are Europe Online customers or not may simply write to to request or suggest their selection to be included in the EOL DSL Digital Download Library. The most popular selections are scheduled for push via the Europe Online multicast satellite and cable network to end-users and other DSL operators, thus producing 10:1 bandwidth savings. All other selections are listed on the EOL DSL Digital Download Library portal to be individually downloaded on a pay-by-bit basis, which for instance is included in special Europe Online Add-On Packs in addition to the basic “DSL Volkstarif” of 9.90 Euro per month. Europe Online updates its multilingual, multimedia Broadband Portal every day according to the latest user statistics. A testimonial from one of EOL’s users reads, “Hey, the Anime section rocks!!”.

Besides the Japanese cartoons section which indeed has the newest selections everyday, selections such as “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, “Tupac: Resurrection” top EOL’s Movie Trailer Section where as “Robocop”, “Resident Evil” and “AO’s Championship Soccer” lead EOL’s electronic Games section. Slackwave Linux 9.1, Knoppix 3.3, and Eclipse 3.0 for Linux and Windows lead the software section. Music videos top the DSL Download Center since the normal dial-up modem speeds are not necessary for the music audios.

“Along with our DSL Surfing, Video on Demand, Email notification service, and streaming videos, the EOL DSL Digital Download Library represents another important step in our efforts to deliver on the promise of Broadband and Rich Media in a user-friendly “Click and Download” way to mass-consumers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caucuses,” commented Candace Johnson, President of Europe Online Investments S.A. “We are doing our part to make certain that the Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights recently published on our web site becomes reality for mass consumers everywhere,” she concluded.

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A.
Candace Johnson, President
Tel. +352 719 785 1
Fax. 00352 719 787

About Europe Online:

Europe Online Investments S.A. owns and operates one of the first and largest Satellite Internet/Multimedia networks in the world. The Luxembourg-based company claims 60,000 users for its E-DSL Broadband Internet via satellite and service complete with video on demand, MP3, Games, software and films.

Users typically connect up to their existing satellite dish or have one installed, and can use the internet service provider of their choice for the modem connection by telephone. Europe Online is the only Broadband Internet Provider to be on both the ASTRA and the Eutelsat satellite systems and has distribution partnerships with BT, Kabel Deutschland, and PrimaCom, among others.

Europe Online recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Teles AG to jointly found a “Global Broadband Satellite Services” corporation in which they intend to integrate appropriate assets, such as e.g. rights to use patents, transponder capacities, international marketing potentials and customer basis in order to achieve as rapidly as possible the worldwide utilization of their quality- and application-proven satellite based broadband services, in particular for the quick, simple, ubiquitous and most cost-efficient deployment of “Satellite WLAN Internet Services” and “TV Cable Internet Services” for the PC mass market.

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