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Broadband Internet sparks German Cable with new life: PrimaCom and Europe Online bring Highspeed-Internet to 450 MHz TV Cable Networks

Luxembourg, 13 March 2003

Can added value be achieved without added cost? PrimaCom, Germany’s premiere innovative cable network operator, and Europe Online, operator of one of the world’s first and largest satellite broadband internet and multimedia content delivery networks, are about to do just that. Both companies announced today a wide-ranging strategic cooperation to combine the power of cable and satellite to bring PrimaCom's customers in Germany instant, affordable broadband and DSL-like access for their PC's in the home. And they have done it without substantial network upgrading.

The PrimaCom / Europe Online Broadband solution connects Europe Online's satellite-powered interactive Broadband to PrimaCom's subscribers via a simple DVB-PCI cable modem installed inside the PC or by means of a USB-Box and the users’ conventional dial-up return line. Special software technology from Tellique, Germany, "boosts" the speed of the Internet connection to DSL-like speeds (see related press release of today).

The PrimaCom / Europe Online solution provides fast-surfing, turbo downloads, e-mails, high-quality streams, and digital television and radio on the PC. From one day to the next, subscribers literally have a second multimedia center in the home. An additional feature being offered to subscribers is PrimaCom-branded "on demand" content, delivered via special 2 megabit channels within the interactive broadband service. “As one of the leading cable network operators we are pleased to be able to offer our customers broadband internet connections irrespective of whether the residential area has been upgraded to 862 megahertz or not”, said Jens Kircher, COO of PrimaCom.

This innovative technological and economically attractive solution will be offered by PrimaCom initially to subscribers in specially selected regional networks. Whether subscribers live in private residences or in apartment blocks, they will be able to have interactive broadband access, “and that at a very affordable price," continued Kircher. Market research has shown that broadband connectivity is a positive decision criterion when buying or renting a home or apartment. “Being able to work together with Europe Online towards making our content library of films, music, and games available 'on demand' for this broadband roll out is a complete win-win situation,” concluded PrimaCom's COO.

"Europe Online is delighted to now be available to cable subscribers in Germany,” commented Candace Johnson, President of Europe Online Investments. "We have been tremendously impressed with PrimaCom's efforts to promote this kind of interactive broadband connectivity to subscribers in Germany. Our technical, content, marketing, and customer support teams have worked hard together with PrimaCom to develop further this attractive broadband service for the private user”, concluded Mrs. Johnson.

The combined PrimaCom/Europe Online Highspeed Internet offer is available from next week. We will commence in Wedemark, a community of 30,000 residents north of Hanover. A special introductory offer for the necessary cable modem as a stand-alone product is being made available to the end-users through a cooperation with TechnoTrend of Germany.

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A. PrimaCom AG
Candace Johnson Lawrence A. Williams
Präsidentin Direktor Marketing & Development
Tel. +352 719 785 1 Tel. +49 6131 944 690

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