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Europe Online initiates Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights and introduces Volks DSL Tariff of 9.90 Euro per month

Broadband Provider uses Satellite and Cable to insure DSL coverage across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus

Betzdorf, 25 September 2003

Europe Online, the pioneering Broadband DSL via satellite and cable provider published today its first draft of the "Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights" and put its money where its mouth is by introducing a "Volks DSL Tariff" of 9.90 Euro per month across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus.

The first draft of the "Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights" foresees the following rights for citizens around the world concerning Broadband:

“Given that it has been recognized that access to Broadband Internet is a universal communication medium which facilitates work and leisure activities, education, e-commerce, e-government, health and logistic programmes around the world leading to an increased standard of living and affluence as well as spawning a local, regional, national and global value-added service industry and outlet for creativity and innovation it is hereby declared that:

1.    Every citizen, regardless of location, economic or demographic situation, has the right to have access to Broadband Internet.

2.    Every citizen has the right to expect the operators of telecommunication networks in their region, be it satellite, cable TV, mobile, fixed, power line, municipal or other, to put all available network infrastructure at the disposition of citizens and service providers in a timely and economically efficient manner in order to create a rational load-balanced network infrastructure which will support local, regional, national and global broadband traffic, content delivery, and access.
3.    Every citizen has the right to standards based interoperable quality of service hardware and software at attractive and reasonable prices to access and interact with Broadband Internet, be it via their pc, mobile telephone, television set-top box or other end-user device.

4.    Every citizen has the right to access the content he or she would like to access with the proper controls which he or she chooses to put in place, it being understood that every citizen also can choose his or her Broadband Internet service provider.

5.    Every citizen has the right to a Broadband Internet Service Provider which does its utmost to achieve Broadband Network optimization and efficiency by, among other things, the prevention of spam, viruses, etc. and applying peer-to-peer and optimized content delivery networks, thus improving overall network efficiency and operations."

“We and our partners, - Teles, Eutelsat, ASTRA, Kabel Deutschland, PrimaCom, Tiscali, Strong, TechniSat, Hauppauge, Techno Trend - be they satellite and cable network providers, Broadband ISP's, hardware and software manufacturers, or Broadband terrestrial, satellite and cable access providers have all come together to create the most democratic, economic and attractive package, bringing together all the components, to make certain that the world's citizen have Broadband Internet access," said Europe Online's President, Candace Johnson. " We are open to all who wish to join us to insure that citizens around the world may exercise their rights to have Broadband Internet at economical, affordable prices with user-friendly technology. This is why we have also introduced today with the first draft of the Citizen’s Broadband Bill of Rights our first “Volks DSL Tariff” of 9.90 Euros a month so that everyone may drive down the Information and Communication Highway and access rich, streaming content at the speed they want and deserve to have.”

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A.
Candace Johnson, President
Tel. +352 719 785 1
Fax. 00352 719 787

About Europe Online:

Europe Online Investments S.A. owns and operates one of the first and largest Satellite Internet/Multimedia networks in the world. The Luxembourg-based company claims 60,000 users for its E-DSL Broadband Internet via satellite and service complete with video on demand, MP3, Games, software and films.

Users typically connect up to their existing satellite dish or have one installed, and can use the internet service provider of their choice for the modem connection by telephone. Europe Online is the only Broadband Internet Provider to be on both the ASTRA and the Eutelsat satellite systems and has distribution partnerships with BT, Kabel Deutschland, and PrimaCom, among others.

Europe Online recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Teles AG to jointly found a “Global Broadband Satellite Services” corporation in which they intend to integrate appropriate assets, such as e.g. rights to use patents, transponder capacities, international marketing potentials and customer basis in order to achieve as rapidly as possible the worldwide utilization of their quality- and application-proven satellite based broadband services, in particular for the quick, simple, ubiquitous and most cost-efficient deployment of “Satellite WLAN Internet Services” and “TV Cable Internet Services” for the PC mass market.

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