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Broadband Multimedia and Internet by Satellite on your PC: Europe Online introduces the "E-DSL via Satellite Starter Pack" for just €69.99

Luxembourg, 27 February 2003

Fast on the heels of the recent announcement of their European-wide flat-rate "E-DSL via Satellite" tarif of €24.90 per month, Europe Online announced today the introduction of their "E-DSL via Satellite Starter Pack” for 69.99 Euro. The E-DSL Starter Pack includes 1 satellite card to fit in the PC, 1 month full access to the Europe Online E-DSL flat-rate service (including DSL-speed surfing, File Fetch at 2 Mbps and other advanced internet services) plus 1 year's membership to Europe Online's high-speed Download Centre, interactive digital television quality streams and email service.

"With this new Europe Online E-DSL via Satellite starter kit, DSL is not just available for Internet users in areas where conventional DSL is available through the phone line but for anyone. It is also very affordable as most video cards for PC cost more than our whole package. And it is affordable as downloading big software files, movies and MP3s via Europe Online’s special download technology is often cheaper than conventional DSL. Rather than taking up the whole satellite in surfing mode, Europe Online offers multicast services like the download centre and File Fetch at a fraction of the cost per megabit" declared Europe Online Investments Marketing Director Marcus Bicknell. "The other advantage over terrestrial DSL is Europe Online's exciting MP3's, games, and full-length DVD and movies, instead of just movie trailers, right to the user's desk tops at guaranteed 2 Mbps speeds. In addition, the user has the whole array of free-to-air digital television and radio channels from the satellite on his PC as well".

The Europe Online E-DSL starter kit is available for immediate purchase from satellite reception dealers and appointed Europe Online distributors throughout Europe as well as on the Europe Online web site,

About Europe Online :

Europe Online Investments S.A. owns and operates one of the first and largest Satellite Internet/Multimedia networks in the world. The Luxembourg-based company claims 60,000 users for its E-DSL Broadband Internet via satellite and service complete with video on demand, MP3, Games, software and films. Users typically connect up to their existing satellite dish or have one installed, and can use the internet service provider of their choice for the modem connection by telephone. Europe Online is the only Broadband Internet Provider to be on both the ASTRA and the Eutelsat satellite Systems and has distribution partnerships with BT and Kabel Deutschland among others.

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A.
Candace Johnson, President Marcus Bicknell, Marketing Director
Tel. +352 719 785 1 Mobile: +44 7748 111444
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