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Europe Online launches Version 1.6 Multimedia Software with EOL/Plenexis SkyBooster DSL-Satellite Surfing and Video on Demand in Windows XP Version

Luxembourg, 28 May 2002

Europe Online Investments S.A., owner and operator of one of the world's largest Internet via satellite networks, launched today its Version 1.6 Multimedia Software complete with EOL/Plenexis SkyBooster High-Speed Internet surfing and Video on Demand in Windows XP Version.

"With Europe Online's Digital Convergence 1.6 Kit, consumers across Europe can take advantage of high-speed surfing, power downloads, free-to-air digital television Video on Demand, and e-mail simultaneously, all at their fingertips", said Candace Johnson, Europe Online Investment's President.

"In particular, Europe Online's Version 1.6 Multimedia Software allows end-users a very easy way to transform their traditional PC's into multi-media machines. By installing a traditional DVB Sat PCI card from one of Europe Online's authorized manufacturers TechniSat, Hauppauge or TechnoTrend with the Europe Online 1.6 software, the user can have immediate access to EOL SkyBooster high-speed DSL-like surfing; films, games and software downloaded on demand, e-mails and digital television - all from their satellite dish".

"Film, game, and software producers can now make their content available to the users since they are secure in the knowledge that with Microsoft's Digital Rights Management system included on Europe Online's super secure site, their copyrights will be protected", continued Ms. Johnson. "This results in a much larger content offering for our users including first run films, games, and software."

To inaugurate the 1.6 multi-media software version, Europe Online has a special introductory offer including the necessary DVB Sat PCI card with free Europe Online Membership until 15 October 2002, and fast "EOL SkyBooster powered by Plenexis" surfing for 3.9 cents per minute. The offer is valid until 15 June.

For more information, please contact:
Europe Online Investments S.A.
Candace Johnson
Tel. +352 719 785 1
Fax. +352 719 787

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