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More about File Fetch...

The Europe Online File Fetch Service is your personal file request system.

You use File Fetch to receive downloads from the Internet (FTP or HTTP) without incurring phone charges because Europe Online sends the download offline, over satellite.

The files you request through he Europe Online File Fetch service are first retrieved from the Internet and then uploaded into your Personal File Zone before they are sent over satellite to your computer.

During the time it takes to download the file to our file server, you can disconnect from your ISP and still receive the download over satellite.
How does this work?

File Fetch asks you to enter a valid http or ftp address (URL) into the text box and then click on Go. File Fetch will pull the file from the Internet and upload it into your personal File Zone on the Europe Online servers.

At any point during your request, you can check the status of your download...

25% indicates process initiated
50% indicates that the request is in the File Fetch queue
75% indicates that File Fetch pulling your file from the Internet
100% indicated that the file is now available on the Europe Online servers and awaits the user request to send the file at high speed over satellite
Your Personal File Zone at Europe Online

Your Personal File Zone is a 700MB storage space that we have allocated for each user at Europe Online. Every file requested through File Fetch is first placed in your Personal File Zone. Once the file arrives in your Personal File Zone, you can then schedule the file for high speed delivery over satellite.

Each file on the Personal File Zone has a three-day limit. If this time is exceeded, the files will automatically be deleted.
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