Frequently Asked Questions - EOL FastSurf, E-Lert, Download Centre, File Fetch, MediaThek, Video on Demand, Fast 5, multicast downloads, streaming
Services in general 
What kind of services do you provide?
The Europe Online Service includes a download service for scheduled files of all kinds (either from http or ftp with File Fetch or from our Download Centre content), offline receipt of e-mail notifications with the "E-LERT" software as well as a Multimedia Entertainment Service, in our "MediaThek", containing Streaming Zones and priority downloads, "Video on Demand" and "Fast 5". You also have the possibility to use our "EOl FastSurf" to benefit from High Speed Internet surfing via Satellite. For more information, please check the EOL FastSurf section.
Are you an Internet via Satellite Provider as well?
Europe Online offers "Internet via satellite" with the service called "EOL FastSurf". For more information, please check the EOL FastSurf section.

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How does the service work?
To use our service you need a desktop PC in which a DVB card has to be installed. The DVB card is connected by a coaxial cable to the Universal LNB on the satellite dish. With your normal internet connection via phone line, you connect to our website and log in with your chosen username and password and enter our Multimedia platform. Here you can choose files to be sent to you at a scheduled time or select one of our Streaming Zones. Once a request for an available file or a Streaming Zone has been done, you can log off the Internet and then the DVB card receives the file at the scheduled time or the selected Streaming Zone starts immediately.
What is a satellite?
A satellite is a sophisticated electronic communications relay station orbiting more than 36,000 km above the equator. It moves in a fixed orbit at the same speed and direction as the earth.
What is a transponder?
A transponder is a combination of a receiver, transmitter and antenna package on a satellite. The signal is received from the uplink station and downlinked back to Earth on a different frequency.
On which satellites are your services based on?
Our services are based on the data transponder C12 located on the Eutelsat satellite W3.
How do the ordered files get to my PC?
Files ordered via our multicast system are scheduled for a high speed (2 Mbps) download delivery via satellite and are then automatically received by your DVB card at the given time. The Kencast Fazzt software, which is available free of charge to our customers, handles the download reception.
What are streams?
Streams are television quality video channels, which are sent to you non-stop via satellite like a normal TV channel. We have created several special Interactive Streaming Zones where streams (in stream box) are surrounded with exciting Internet content. You can choose among several channels containing games, music, film and adult content.
How does the Streaming work?
To start watching a certain stream you only have to connect to our website and choose the stream of your choice. Once the stream has started, you can quit your Internet connection and the stream can be viewed offline via your DVB card.
Why do I still need my internet connection via the phone line?
You need your existing internet connection to log into our site and request a desired download or streaming zone. As for you need your Internet connection via the phone line for the Upload/Sending Requests.
How can I surf the Internet via satellite?
Internet Surfing via satellite is offered with our EOL FastSurf service. For more information, please check the EOL FastSurf section.

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Satellite Dish 
What is a Satellite Dish?
Satellite dishes receive microwave signals from orbiting communication satellites. A dish used to receive satellite signals is generally a parabolic surface that reflects microwaves to a feed. The small metal probe within this feed is, in reality, the microwave antenna. A satellite dish collects and concentrates the very weak signals downlinked from a broadcast satellite while ignoring as much of any unwanted signals and noise as possible. Most dishes in use today are parabolically shaped. Flat plate antennas are also used for receiving broadcast signals from satellites. Signals are reflected from the dish surface and concentrated to a "focal point" or to a series of focal points.
What are the differents types of satellite dish?
Universal LNB : Most LNBs in the market today are analogue, however, as digital satellite services become increasingly popular throughout Europe, many households are upgrading their satellite service to digital. This upgrade from analogue to digital requires the replacement of the analogue LNB with a Universal LNB. This piece of hardware is mandatory for receiving the digital satellite signal carrying the Europe Online service. A "universal LNB" receives the entire range of analogue and digital signals (from 10.70 to 12.75 GHz) and is compatible with both digital and analogue receivers.
Twin Universal LNB : A twin universal LNB has two independent outputs that provide connection of two independent receivers (i.e. a television satellite receiver box and the Europe Online receiver card installed in your PC). Europe Online recommends this type of solution, which allows the Europe Online subscriber to use the Europe Online service while simultaneously receiving signals to the television.
Quad Universal LNB : Similar the Twin Universal LNB, the Quad Universal LNB provides multiple, independent outputs so that up to 4 devices can be operated at the same time. A quad LNB provides 4 independent outputs for those households that have more than one television.
Where can I purchase a satellite dish?
Europe Online has a range of Satellite dish offers which you can find on "Order Online". Dishes are also available at many electronic and TV stores. The installation should be carried out by a TV technician.
What size of satellite dish do I need?
To verify your location and the according size of the dish needed to receive our service on EUTELSAT, please check our "Technical Info" page at the following link : "Satellite Dish".
What kind of satellite dish do I need?
To receive our services transmitted on the digital frequency range you need a satellite dish with a Universal (digital) LNB, which can receive signals up to 12.75 GHz.
Where do I have to point my satellite dish to?
You have to point your satellite dish to the Eutelsat satellite W3 at 7 degrees East. For more informations, check our "Technical Info" page at the following link : "Satellite Dish".
What is an LNB?
LNB stands for Low Noise Block downconverter. An LNB detects the signal relayed from the feed, converts it to an electrical current, amplifies it and lowers its frequency. The downconverted signal is relayed via coax cable to an indoor satellite receiver or DVB card. You have analogue LNBs with a frequencies range from 10.950 to 11.700 GHz and Universal (digital) LNBs, which cover our frequency, range up to 12.75 GHz.
Can I use a satellite dish with an analogue LNB as well?
Unfortunately it is not possible to receive our service with an analogue LNB, since an analogue LNB cannot receive the frequencies on which our service transmits. Europe Online operates from digital satellite signal and requires that the home satellite dish be equiped with a digital LNB, called Universal LNB.
How can I check if my LNB is analogue or digital?
You can check whether your LNB is digital or not by looking at the frequency range, which is usually written on the LNB. When your LNB is digital this frequency range goes up to 12.75 GHz. If it is analogue this frequency range only goes up to 11.75 GHz.
Can I use a Sky minidish?
Sky Digital dishes are pointing to Astra at 28.2 degrees East, whereas our service is based on Eutelsat 7 degrees East. Accordingly unless a dish, which is used for Sky Digital, is moved to the orientation of one of the satellites (which implies losing the Sky Digital signal), it cannot be used to receive our service unfortunately.
Can I use satellite dishes with a multifeed system?
This depends on your DVB card and its compatibility with the DiSeQc level your multifeed system uses. To avoid buying a DVB card that does not support the DiSeQc level used, please check the needed DiSeQc level support in advance. The technical details of a DVB card will tell you which level it supports. If unsure, please check with your local satellite dish retailer.

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Footprint coverage 
Where can I receive your service ?
We guarantee our services in the countries covered by the footprint of the Eutelsat Satellite W3, transponder C12.
Please, verify your location and the size of the satellite dish needed by visiting our "Technical Info" page at the following link : "Satellite Dish".
If you are located outside this footprints we can unfortunately not offer you our services.

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PC and Software requirements 
Which requirements does my PC have to meet ?
To use our service your PC will have to match these hard- and software requirements:
  • at least a 266 MHz processor (Pentium® Pro, Pentium® II, Pentium® III or other 100% compatible processor)
  • at least 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended)
  • CD ROM drive
  • available PCI-Bus Interface slot
  • at least 120 MB free hard disk capacity
  • operating system Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Pro (recommended), Windows XP Home or Pro (recommended)
  • a graphics card with 3D support and at least 8 MB memory
  • sound card compatible with SoundBlaster
  • a browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher recommended)
  • Modem or ISDN terminal adapter
  • Satellite dish with universal (digital) LNB
  • satellite receiver card (see list of supported DVB cards)
  • an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • a subscription to our service
  • Which operating systems are supported ?
    Our service can be used under Windows 98 Se, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional SP2 and Windows XP Home and Professional (Windows 2000 and Windows XP highly recommended).
    Can I use your service under Linux ?
    Due to hard- and soft-ware incompatibility it is not possible to use our service under Linux.
    Can I use the service on a Mac computer ?
    Due to a lack of DVB cards available for Mac computers and the incompatibility with the Mac operating system it is unfortunately not possible to use our service on a Mac computer.
    Which DVB PCI cards can I use for receiving Europe Online?
    You can use the following DVB PCI cards to access the Europe Online service.

    Compatible with Europe Online Service and with EOL FastSurf:
  • TechniSat SkyStar2 (B2C2),
  • Hauppauge WinTV DVB-S, Hauppauge WinTV DVB-S Nexus, Siemens Fujitsu DVB-S, Techno Trend TT-PCline - premium S, Galaxy DVB-S, TechniSat SkyStar1, (Note: not recommended for Multicast data reception, maximum speed 10 Mbps)
  • Hauppauge Nova, Techno Trend TT-PCline - Budget PCI, Satelco Multimedia,
  • Telemann SkyMedia 200/300
  • Pentamedia Pent@net, Pent@vision, Pent@vision CI, Pent@value or
  • Hauppauge WinTV Nova USB, Techno Trend TT-PCline - USB or
  • Pentamedia Pent@U+ (USB).
  • Kiss Technology Satdem/Satdem CI.

  • Compatible with Europe Online Service :
  • Broadlogic 1030/2030 PCI+.

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    Digital TV 
    Which and how many TV and radio stations can I receive with the DVB card in your offers?
    With the DVB card included in our offers (see "Order Online") you can tune in to all free to air television and radio stations on your PC from the satellite your dish is pointed to (Eutelsat 7 degrees East). Each station is delivered to your PC in pure digital quality.
    For an uptodate list of radio and TV channels, please see the following website : Simply select the orbital position your dish is pointed to (Eutelsat 7°).
    Can I receive payTV channels?
    In order to be able to view payTV channels, you will need a DVB card which has a common interface module to decrypt these encrypted channels.
    I have a Multifeed satellite system, can I view channels from other satellites?
    To find an answer to this question please have a look at the technical specifications of the DVB card you are using : check which DiSEQc level it can handle and compare it with the DiSEQc level your Multifeed satellite system uses.
    Will I be able to view the TV channels in full screen mode?
    With the DVB card included in our offers, you can watch TV channels in full screen mode on your PC. You can unfortunately not connect this DVB card to your TV since it has no TV output. Only if your graphic card has a TV output might you be able to transfer the TV stations from the PC to your TV.

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    What is the MediaThek?
    We have created several special Interactive Streaming Zones where television quality video streams are surrounded with exciting Internet content. You can choose among several channels containing games, music, film, software and adult content.
    What is a stream box?
    Europe Online takes streaming to a new level.
    By embedding a Microsoft Media Player into our Europe Online web pages, we create a stream box. It allows us to integrate interactive information around the stream, adding another dimension to a video or audio experience.
    Not only does Europe Online stream in significantly higher quality (MPEG4 video and/or audio streams at 1 Mbps) but it also adds a compelling layer of interactivity to the stream.
    Are all Streaming channels free?
    All the streams are for free accept the Platinum section in Channel 18. The current price for Platimum Channel access is either 15 Euro for 24h or 45 Euro for 1 month.
    How can I receive the streams?
    To receive the streams, you just need to:
  • tune to our transponder
  • log in with your username and password on our website

  • Once you are logged in simply click on "MediaThek" and select the streaming channel you wish to view.
    Can I watch the streams offline?
    Once you selected a streaming channel on our website and the stream starts to play, you can quit your Internet connection and view the stream offline.
    What is the "Video on Demand"/"Fast 5" service?
    As our technology has become increasingly sophisticated, it is now possible to prioritize a selection of heavy downloads for each of the MediaThek zones (Film House, Musaik, spiel-o-manie, Software and Channel 18). This radically cuts the time it takes for these downloads to arrive on your hard disk. Every week, the Europe Online team of Content Specialists selects 5 top downloads in each category - "Video on Demand" for Film House and Channel 18 and the "Fast 5" for Musaik, spiel-o-manie and Software. You just have to click on the "get selected" button in the download on demand frame for the high-speed delivery service.

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    Mutlicast Downloads 
    What is a multicast download?
    Multicast downloads are download transmissions carried out using our scheduled download system. These downloads are ordered by you from either the Download Centre or File Fetch and will then at the given time be received with the Kencast Fazzt software.
    At which speed do I receive multicast downloads?
    Scheduled downloads from our download pages or File Fetch are always received at the given time at a guaranteed speed of 2 Mbps.
    How is it different from normal Internet downloads?
    There are several differences:
  • The downloads are sent via satellite. No more net congestion, no more lost connections. No more large telephone bills waiting for downloads to come in terrestrially.
  • The downloads are sent at 2 Mbps.
  • The downloads are multicast, not unicast. This means you can take advantage of the downloads that other users have scheduled by requesting them for yourself.

  • How do I receive a download?
    Receiving a download sent via satellite is primarily a function of the Fazzt Software. This software must be properly installed and configured to receive your download. Further, your system must be set to our transponder on which you made the request. One important detail is that you don't need to be connected to your telephone line to receive the download.
    How long do I have to wait for a download?
    Since the Download Centre and File Fetch work on a queuing system, there are no standard waiting times. It is first come, first served.
    When a file is requested from another website with the File Fetch function and has to be uploaded onto our File Fetch servers first, the upload may, depending on the file size and server capacity, take some time.
    Once a file is available on our server and is requested for being downloaded either in the Download Centre or in the File Fetch File Zone, the waiting time will be calculated and the customer will be notified about the exact time for the reception of the scheduled file via the 2 Mbps offline download system.
    How can I request downloads from other websites?
    You can get downloads from other websites through the File Fetch option in our Download Centre. This option is closely related to the Europe Online Download Centre and uses the same delivery system, but allows you to request files from the Internet by providing the exact URL (either http or ftp) of these files.
    Does my Internet connection need to remain switched on while receiving downloads?
    You need your Internet connection to request the downloads. After you requested a download, you can disconnect from your internet connection as the downloads are received offline.
    Does my PC have to remain turned on to receive scheduled download?
    Your PC has to be switched on at the time the download is scheduled for and you should not watch TV on your PC or use the DVB card for anything else while the download is being transmitted, since this would interrupt the download.
    Is it possible to do direct downloading?
    It is unfortunately not possible to do direct downloading using the Multicast system. All Multicast downloads carried out via our system are scheduled.
    Can I download from file sharing programs like WinMX, Edonkey, Morpheus, etc.?
    It is not possible to request files via File Fetch from the above programs, as you download from another PC (peer to peer) and not from an Internet address. File Fetch can supply you with files available at ftp/http servers.
    Can I use download managers like CuteFTP, Getright, FlashGet, etc.?
    Download managers are designed for direct download and can thus not be used for scheduled downloads.
    How secure is your download system?
    The files you order through our service are sent to you via satellite, which means that you do not have to worry about Internet security. Furthermore, the files sent to you via satellite are encrypted and are decrypted once they arrive on your PC by the TwoFish software, which is part of the Kencast Fazzt software.
    Can I download whatever I want; do you control my download content?
    You have the possibility to select files available on our website or to select files from http or ftp servers in the Internet with the File Fetch option of our Download Centre. As for the content, please refer to our terms and conditions.
    Can I watch streams on my PC while receiving a multicast download?
    Yes, you can watch streams while receiving a multicast download.
    Can I watch TV channels on my PC screen while receiving a multicast download?
    You cannot watch TV Channels while receiving a Multicast download as this would interrupt the download (nor tune the DVB card to another transponder than our data transponder).

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    Download Centre 
    What is the Download Centre ?
    The Download Centre is one of the most unique and innovative electronic file delivery systems in the world today. It is a huge digital database of files that can be delivered to your personal computer via satellite. Our satellite technology guarantees delivery speeds of 2 Mbps from our satellite transponder. As a result, very large files can be downloaded which would never be possible in the narrowband world.
    How does the Download Centre work?
    The Europe Online Download Centre is a multicast system. That is, we send downloads out once and many people are able to receive it at the same time. When the user requests the download, the file is retrieved and placed into a queuing system. When the download has been slotted for delivery, it is broadcast out via satellite to all users. Only those users that have requested the download will be able to receive it on their PC.
    What kind of files do you have in the Download Centre?
    In our Download Centre we have a selection of software, videos, music, games and art files, etc.
    How often is the Download Centre updated?
    We update our Download Centre weekly.
    In which languages are your downloads available?
    Downloads available in our Download Centre are in English, German, French or Italian.
    Are all the files for free or do you charge for some files?
    All files available in our Download Centre are free except for some movies. In future we will introduce more and more payable downloads, like games, movies, etc. to increase variety. Payable downloads are marked and the price is mentioned in the download description.
    Is there a download description available for the files in the Download Centre?
    Yes, all downloads in the Download Centre have a description. To view the description, just have to click on the file name.
    Are the files freeware or shareware?
    In general the files available in our Download Centre are freeware. Please check the file description to check whether a file is free- or shareware.
    Can I suggest a file to be added to the Download Centre?
    Yes, you can suggest a file to be added to the Download Centre. To do so, just send an E-Mail with the file name, a short description of the software and URL address.
    What is the best way to request downloads?
    There are four ways to request downloads using the Europe Online Download Centre.
  • Select one of the downloads already scheduled for delivery by checking the download delivery schedule.
  • Select one of the downloads from our featured downloads lists and see for yourself what the buzz is in all about.
  • Search our large database of downloads - from audio, video, software and games.
  • And if you can't find the file you want, let us know where to look on the Internet (ftp or http) and our File Fetch service will get it for you and deliver it over the satellite.

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    File Fetch 
    What is File Fetch ?
    File Fetch is designed to be your personal file request system. It is a special download service only offered by our service. If you are looking for a specific download on the Internet, which you cannot find within the Download Centre, then we will "fetch" that download from the Internet (you need to supply the URL address of the file) and send it to you over satellite at high speeds (up to 2Mbps). And like all downloads delivered by our service, you will save money on Internet charges because the downloads are sent offline.

    It works in three easy steps:
    Step 1 : Request the download on the Internet by supplying its FTP or HTTP address.
    Step 2 : We retrieve the file from the Internet and place it in your Personal Storage Zone within our website. The time frame of this procedure depends on the waiting queue length.
    Step 3 : The file has reached 100% in your file zone, you click on it and we send you the download over satellite at high speed at a given time.
    Can I request files from all kinds of servers ?
    With File Fetch, you can request files from HTTP and FTP servers.
    Can I get files from secured/password-protected websites?
    It is possible with File Fetch to request files from servers with a valid log in (username and password). You of course need to have a valid login to the secured server you are trying to download from.
    Can I access my file zone from anywhere?
    Yes, you can access your file zone from any computer with an Internet connection. You cannot access the files in your file zone in another way than by logging in on our webpage and entering the file zone.

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    EOL FastSurf 
    What is "EOL FastSurf"?
    The "EOL FastSurf" Service, offers you super-fast Internet surfing at speeds of up to 768 Kbps. With EOL FastSurf, "heavy" web pages load within an instant and multimedia applications (Flash, Video) run seamlessly and smoothly. EOL FastSurf is the ideal "satellite" alternative for high-speed Internet surfing in areas without terrestrial ADSL coverage and competitive in areas where there is ADSL coverage.
    How does "EOL FastSurf" work?
    Using your normal ISP connection all your outbound requests are routed through the EOL FastSurf server. This server then manages the inbound traffic to your satellite connection with the DVB card and helps you to maximise the speed of the responses/files coming back to you. The Internet connection via the phone line has to remain establish for the Upload.
    How can I order the "EOL FastSurf" service?
    The "EOL FastSurf" service is included in our different service offers. See our offers on "Order Online".
    I don't have a credit card. Can I subscribe to the EOL FastSurf service?
    Presently, the only mode of payment available is by Credit Card.
    Can the EOL FastSurf service be used in a LAN Network environment?
    The EOL FastSurf service can not be used in a LAN Network environment.
    Can EOL FastSurf be used together with a firewall application?
    You should be able to use EOL FastSurf with ZoneAlarm and Norton Internet Security. You can request instructions from our Customer Support.
    Can EOL FastSurf be used with any Internet Service Provider?
    Some providers like AOL or Tiscali seem not to offer the possibility to use proxy-servers. EOL FastSurf cannot be used under these providers. Please check with your internet provider before subscribing. We recommend a connection that can be established via a normal dial-up connection that you have to set up in Windows.

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    I don't have a credit card. Can I subscribe to the SkyBooster service?
    Presently, the only mode of payment available is by Credit Card.
    Can the SkyBooster service be used in a LAN Network environment?
    The SkyBooster service can not be used in a LAN Network environment.
    Can SkyBooster be used together with a firewall application?
    You should be able to use SkyBooster with ZoneAlarm and Norton Internet Security. You can request instructions from our Customer Support.

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    What is E-LERT?
    E-LERT is our Electronic Mail Notification Service (E-LERT Service). The service is designed to save you the time and hassle of having to connect to the Internet in order to discover whether you have received new E-Mails. As a member, you are automatically given an E-Mail address in the format "" with your subscription to our service. Also aliases (like are available..Every email that is sent to this address will be announced by E-LERT.
    If you install and run the E-lert program, it will then notify you offline of any new E-Mails you receive sent to the "" email address.
    What makes E-lert a unique service is that it works offline. That is, it allows you to be notified of an incoming E-Mail without connecting to the Internet via your ISP. There is no need to go online, E-lert will tell you if some E-Mails are waiting for you.
    Can I also send E-Mails via satellite with E-LERT ?
    It is not possible to send E-Mails via satellite with E-LERT. To send E-Mails from your address you will need to start your internet connection and then send the E-Mail with an E-Mail client software.
    Can I also receive E-Mail attachments via satellite with E-LERT ?
    E-LERT cannot receive E-Mail attachments. In order to open any attachments, you have to start your Internet connection and then open the E-Mail with an E-Mail client software on the configured POP account.
    Can I use E-LERT with an e-mail address from another provider?
    E-LERT can only be used with the Europe Online e-mail addresses. You can however setup a forwarding to your address from most e-mail accounts. Please contact your e-mail provider for assistance on how to setup the forwarding mechanism.
    How many characters of an e-mail does E-LERT display?
    E-LERT shows you the first 5000 characters of your e-mail. If your e-mail is larger, you have to connect to your POP account in order to view the rest.
    What is the maximum storage size of my POP account mailbox?
    The maximum storage size of your POP account mailbox is 10 MB.
    What is the maximum E-Mail size or attachment size I can send?
    The maximum mail size you can send is 3 MB.
    How many e-mail addresses do I have with Europe Online?
    With Europe Online you have 1 main e-mail address and the possibility to create another 4 aliases. This means 5 E-Mail addresses in total.
    Can I have my Europe Online e-mails forwarded to my regular e-mail account?
    Yes, you need to change your profile settings and add your regular e-mail address (pop, hotmail, yahoo etc. email account) to the field "Forward all Europe Online mail to:".

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    What kind of offers do you propose?
    Please find all the details concerning our current offers on our "Order Online" page
    What does the "Europe Online E-DSL Service" offer give me access to?
    The "Europe Online E-DSL Service" includes 500 MB satellite surfing per month, 1 GB of downloads per month from anywhere on the web with File Fetch, 1 free film per month, 100's of free-to-air digital TV and radio channels via satellite on your PC, Offline e-mails alerts with E-Lert and unlimited access to our Download Centre (including 1000’s of software, films, MP3’s, games,..) and to our Interactive MediaThek that includes Streaming, Video on Demand, Music television, Eurotip and much more.
    How much do the different offers cost?
    Please find all the details concerning our offers on our "Order Online" page.
    What brand and model is the DVB card included in the Europe Online offers?
    The DVB PCI card included in the package is the Europe Online B2C2 DVB PCI card and can only be used with the Europe Online software. This card is optimized for data reception via satellite according to the DVB standard.
    Technical Details:
  • Reception of data services via satellite
  • Data streams up to 90 Mbps
  • Reception of digital satellite TV and radio channel
  • Factory pre-programmed
  • Videotext
  • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1
  • Plug & Play
  • Reception Frequency: 950 MHz - 2,150 MHz
  • Symbol rate 2 - 45 MS/sec., SCPC and MCPC
  • Operating System: Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Pro SP2 and Windows XP Home and Pro
  • Made in Germany

  • Can I keep the Europe Online DVB card after my membership expires?
    The DVB card you get as part of the Europe Online Service Pack with DVB Card belongs to you and can of course be kept.
    How can I order the offers ?
    You can order online on this website by clicking "Order Online" on the right upper corner. For ordering online you will need a valid Mastercard, American Express or Visa credit card. If you do not hold a credit card please simply choose the wire transfer method on the order form. The direct debit is only available if you live in Germany. Please don't forget to sign the order form and return it by fax (+352/719 785 777) or by post.
    Are there any additional charges?
    There are no additional charges except those for premium services like access to the Platinum section of Channel 18. Furthermore some of the downloads offered are not free of charge; in such cases the price is mentioned in the download description. Depending on which EOL FastSurf tarif you have chosen, an additional price per minute may apply.

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    Order Online 
    My address is not accepted; what can I do?
    If your address is not accepted, please verify whether you entered the correct address, if the Eutelsat footprint covers your country and if we deliver to your country. Should you experience any problems please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support (see our "Contact us" page) or send your question to
    My credit card number is not accepted; what can I do?
    If your credit card number is not accepted, please verify whether your credit card is accepted by us (Mastercard, American Express or Visa), that it has not expired yet and that sufficient funds are on the account. If you still experience problems, please contact our Billing department (see our "Contact us" page) or E-Mail
    I don't have a credit card, how can I order?
    If you wish to subscribe without having a credit card, you can do so by bank transfer and simply select the wire transfer option on the order form. Your order will be dealt with upon payment receipt at our bank account.
    Should you have further questions or wish to enquire about the status of your order please contact our Logistics Department at or by phone (see our "Contact us" page).
    Is the Order Online Process secure?
    Yes. Europe Online strictly protects all privacy rights of our users and subscribers. Furthermore, Europe Online uses https which is the standard for security when transferring information over the Internet.

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    Delivery Information 
    How do you deliver the different packages ?
    The packages are sent to you by normal mail.
    Why is the country I live in not listed on the order form?
    If your country is not listed on the order form, please check if your country is covered by the footprint of the Eutelsat Satellite W3 (transponder C12). Please, verify your location and the size of the dish needed by visiting our "Technical Info" page at the following link : "Satellite Dish".
    If your country is inside the footprint but not listed on the order form, it might be that we do not deliver to your country due to delivery or customs problems.
    If you are from Eastern Europe we kindly ask you to send an e-mail to with the subject "delivery to Eastern Europe" with your contact details. We will then forward your enquiry to one of our partners.
    How long will it take until I receive my package?
    The delivery of your package depends on the country you live in and takes 1 to 2 weeks. Please don't forget to sign the order form and return it by Fax (+352/719 785 777) or by Post

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    Terms and Conditions 
    Where can I have a look at the terms & conditions?
    To check our terms & conditions, please click on the link at the end of this page or visit our member website.

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    1. Products and prices
      1. Services adapted to your needs
        For more info please visit our
        product page
      2. Europe Online Broadband Shop
        In 27 August 2003 Europe Online has inaugurated its famous EOL Broadband Shop.
        This is a destination site designed to provide mass-consumers across Europe, Middle East and North Africa with all they need to access, store, display, use and take advantage of Broadband in their homes and small businesses.
        You can find in that area software and hardware products such as satellite DVB-PCI cards and USB boxes and satellite dishes, broadband storage and display accessories such as DVD and MP3 players, CD-Rom burners. Order now on!

    2. Activation and Information about my account
      1. I have just made a subscription online. When will my account be activated?
        After you have filled in the order Form on and accepted the Terms and conditions, you will receive a confirmation by Email with your activation code and Pincode. Your order will be processed in full upon receipt of full payment. If you have chosen to pay by Credit Card, the total amount will be cleared from your credit card.
        If you have chosen to pay by Wire Transfer, please transfer the total amount to:
        Europe Online Investments S.A.
        Banque Generale du Luxembourg
        50 av.JF Kennedy
        L-2951 Luxembourg
        Account: 30-629242-37
        IBAN: LU 3600.30.62924237.0000
        Europe Online Investments S.A.
        Deutsche Bank Trier
        Hosenstrasse 20
        D-54290 Trier
        BLZ: 585 700 48
        Konto: 0888 925
        SWIFT: Deut De 5M 585
        IBAN: DE.63.585 70048.00888925.00
        Please note that payments by cheque are exceptionally accepted if you have no possibility to pay by Credit card or bank transfer. An additional 5 Euros transaction fee has to be added to the total amount due.
        You also have to make sure you have sent us a signed copy of this e-mail by Fax (00352) 42142 - 4731, E-Mail (a scanned copy, or Post ( Europe Online Investments S.A. - 45, Blvd. Pierre Frieden - L-1543 Luxembourg) so that we can process your subscription.
      2. Can I change from a monthly to an annual subscription?
        Our subscription contracts have a minimum one-year term and may not be cancelled or altered until the end of that term. You can either pay for a full year or monthly fees during 12 months. However if you want to take advantage of a special 12 months renewal offer or if you simply do not want to pay month by month anymore, we would be pleased to accept the modification of your contract term. You just need to inform us by Email at, by fax at 00352 42142 - 4731 or by phone at 00352 42142-4730. The new contract would start immediately. The change from an annual subscription to a monthly one is today not available.

    3. Delivery of my order
      After we have received your payment your Package including hardware will shortly leave our warehouse. You should get your order within 10 days. All the goods are sent by registered Mail from Luxemburg or from Germany when it includes a satellite Dish.
      If you have more specific questions about the delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact our delivery Department by email at or by phone at 00352.719.785-210.

    4. Modification of my Personal Details
      1. Can I update my personal details myself?
        Yes you may alter some of your details on your profile page on Click "MY EOL" in the second line of the top blue banner. Here you may change the language, email address or mail address.
      2. How can I update my credit card or other personal details with you?
        For security reasons we not allow you to modify your credit card details in your profile any more. This is the reason why I am asking you to contact me via the contact details at the top of this message.

    5. Why is my Account blocked?
      Your account may be blocked because:
      1. it is blocked because of invalid payment information
        You get automatically an Email informing you about the status of your account. Please contact me with new payment information via the contact details at the top of this message so that we can unblock your account as soon as possible. Please kindly note that we do not accept payments by Visa Electron, Visa Virtuon or Virtual Credit Cards.
      2. you have made a chargeback
        When a credit card holder or a Direct Debit customer cancels the transaction we have debited from his credit card or bank account, we get immediately a message from our Collection Agency. Your account is automatically blocked and you get an Email from us asking you the reason. As soon as you allow us to retry to debit the transaction we will give you access to the service again.
      3. technical problems
        You would just need to contact our Customer Support Team by phone at (00352) 42142 - 4733 German - French - English from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or by email at

    6. Information concerning my Invoices
      1. Where can I check my invoices?
        If you wish to know more about your invoices please check out your profile in our Member's Login Page and get all the information needed.
        Your invoices will be emailed to you each month but if you have any further queries then please contact me via the contact details at the top of this message.
      2. I have never received any invoice per Mail. Is that normal?
        Yes, as we are an Internet Company, the invoices are sent to you via Email. However if you need a "paper invoice", you just need to contact us and we will be pleased to send one to you.

    7. How can I prolong my Europe Online subscription?
      1. My subscription has expired. How can it to be reactivated?
        After your subscription has expired, you can just need to send a short Email at and mention your username. We will then renew your account.
      2. I have bought prepaid codes from my Europe Online Reseller, how do I renew?
        Europe Online is very happy to have its re-sellers all through Europe, in the Middle East and in North Africa. In order to renew your account you just need to click on "renew here" on our login page and enter your username and password. Since you have already paid access will be immediate after you have filled in the requested data.

    8. How and when can I cancel my Account?
      1. What is the minimum duration of a Europe Online Subscription?
        Our subscription contracts have a minimum one-year term and may not be cancelled until the end of that term. When taking out a Premium Subscription you have a right to terminate the contract without any obligation within sixteen days from the date of your Order. During that period, the cancellation is immediately effective. No termination request can be accepted after the sixteenth day. -Please note that this does not apply to the Starter Pack orders (1 DVB Card + 1 Month Service)
      2. How do I terminate my Europe Online Account?
        If you wish to cancel at the end of your contract term, we must receive written notice including the reason for cancellation per fax (00352 42142-4739), email ( or mail (Europe Online Investments S.A. - 45, Blvd. Pierre Frieden - L-1543 Luxembourg) not later than 4 weeks prior to your expiry date of the subscription. You will receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation by email. If you do not cancel within the specified period your contract will be renewed for a further 12 months period.

    9. Refund
      1. If I cancel my account, can I get a refund?
        A refund is applicable on condition that the customer has paid for a year 's subscription in advance and the customer has cancelled his account for one of the following reasons. Reasons for a cancellation:
        1. Customer has cancelled an annual subscription within the 16 days "cool off" period
        2. Customer has not received Technical Support.
        3. Customer has moved and is not authorized to mount a satellite dish.
        If you have ordered hardware you will need to return it to us within 16 days. Once we have received and checked it, the refund will be directly processed. This refund is calculated on the basis of the months used.
      2. How can I get my money back?
        Providing the initial credit card payment transaction was successful, the refund will be transferred back onto your credit card account.
        If you have paid by bank transfer, all you have to do is to provide us with the name and address of your bank, plus your IBAN number.
        For payments via direct debit, we will simply transfer the amount due to your bank account.

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    Technical FAQs 
    Where can I find more info about technical issues?
    For more info about technical issues, please check out the Help/FAQ section on our website.

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