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 DSL Freedom Dish
Satellite Dish (80cm)

49.90 €  
plus postage and shipping (18 euro)

80cm Dish that works on Eutelsat (7 East) networks.

Satellite dish of 80 cm

Special Dedicated EOL e-DSL Satellite Broadband Dish:

Europe Online operates its famous e-DSL service with 2 MB downloads guaranteed, up to 512 kbps surfing, DSL Digital Library with thousands of MP3's, Games, Movie Trailers, Software and a Free Film every month on a specially dedicated Broadband Satellite with tons of capacity for all your present and future DSL via Satellite needs.

We therefore recommend that you keep your existing satellite dish or cable connection to continue watching TV and you take advantage of Europe Online's special Satellite Broadband Dish to enjoy and access EOL's e-DSL via Satellite Offer whenever you want!
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Product features :
  • 80 cm Dish size
  • Universal LNB LO: 9,75 / 10.60 GHz
  • 10 Metre Coaxial Cable
  • 2 F-Connector
  • Pipe Bracket