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Aiptek Digital Camera PenCam Compact

69.95 €  plus postage and shipping

Take photos and post them online for your friends to see! This super-tiny digital camera provides high-quality 1.3 Megapixels resolution in the palm of your hand.

Order the Aiptek Digital Camera
Aiptek Digital Camera
Digital Camera :
Take stunning digital photos with your Mini PenCam! No film needed. Quickly and easily manage all your images and video files. The included software allows you to visually browse and organize folders.

Web Cam :
Plug it into your USB port and it's your video conferencing camera! Use video e-mail software to send personal e-mail to your family, friends and clients. Capture still images with your camera and achieve a wide range of dazzling special effects with easy-to-use photo retouching tools. Use video-conferencing software such as NetMeeting to "see" your family and friends on the internet.

Digital Camcorder :
Record digital video to capture wonderful moments. Simply press the video button and your Mini PenCam will immediately capture motion. Record home projects, direct your own movies, and capture special moments! Friendly software guides you step by step to edit your video file and create your very own movies.

Product Specifications :
  • Multi-functions : Digital still camera mode, PC camera mode, Digital camcorder mode
  • Resolution : 1248 x 960 pixels
  • Image sensor : 1.3 Mega-pixel CMOS
  • Internal memory : 16 MB built-in SDRAM (for avi movies), 16 MB built-in Flash memory
    (for digital stills)
  • Image capacity : 1248 x 960- up to 50 pictures, 640 x 480- up to 160 pictures
  • AVI Movie format : 624 x 480 (Hr) 30 seconds / 10 fps, 304 x 240 (Lr)
    120 seconds / 10 fps
  • PC Mode frame rate : 20 fps
  • Image Control : Auto exposure, auto white-balance
  • Shutter speed : Electric variable speed
  • Frame counter : 3 digit LCD display
  • Image format : JPEG, AVI (through software)
  • Computer interface : USB
  • Self-timer : 10 seconds
  • Power saving : Auto off (60 seconds)
  • Power source : 2 AAA alkaline batteries, USB port when plugged into PC
  • Battery Life : 1 week
  • Camera dimensions : 9 x 3,3 x 3,1 cm
  • Camera weight : 47.5 g (without battery)

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