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WinTV-Nova USB DVB Box

169 €  plus postage and shipping

Access Europe Online E-DSL Service using your laptop! The Hauppauge Nova WinTV DVB box provides easy access to satellite stream for a low price.

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Hauppauge WinTV-Nova USB DVB Box
Get digital video broadcasts on your PC: Receive free-to-air digital TV and radio stations directly on your PC! WinTV-Nova USB is a DVB receiver which brings digital satellite broadcasts (TV and radio) to your PC. Digital reception provides incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio. With WinTV-Nova USB, you can watch digital TV broadcasts in a resizeable window on your PC screen and listen to digital radio in stereo. WinTV-Nova USB lowers the cost of digital TV reception by using your PC's processor to decode the TV image. If you have a 400MHz Pentium II or faster, you can use WinTV-Nova USB to display TV while still running other PC's applications. Surf the net while you watch high quality digital TV.

Personal Digital VCR: With WinTV-Nova USB, you can record your digital TV programmes to your hard disk, and play them back in full original digital quality!

Compression Mpeg-2: Record whole films in format MPEG-2. Since the DVB uses a format of compression MPEG-2, it can use functions of recording and Audio editing of programs and Video,directly from his hard disk. Compression MPEG-2 allows the recording in complete screen.

Broadband Internet has been developed to speed up the Internet web surfing and downloading performance. To use "Broadband Internet", you need to have an account with a "Broadband Internet" Service, plus an account with a local Internet Service Provider. The Internet access inside a local network over a Proxy server cannot be used.

How "Broadband Internet" Works: First, you connect to the Internet via your local Internet Service provider. Secondly, you log on to your Satellite Internet provider. If you are sending a request for a specified web page, the request goes via your local provider to the Satellite provider. They will then grab the Internet data and send this specified web page via Satellite back to your Computer. The speed is dependent on the satellite provider, however the WinTV-Nova USB card is specified to receive and filter between 8 - 10Mbit/s.

WinTV-Nova USB Features:
  • Easy installation because of the USB Technology
  • Reception of DVB data services
  • Live digital TV in variable screen size
  • Live digital stereo radio
  • Digital videotext reception
  • Recording and playing of MPEG 2 video and audio files on harddisk
  • 1 Year Garanty

  • System requirements:
  • PC with 64 MB RAM (min. Pentium® II Processor 233 MHz for Data reception; min. Pentium® III 500MHz for TV reception)
  • Windows® 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP
  • Free USB Anschluss
  • Sound Card
  • CD ROM Drive
  • DirectDraw® - compatible PCI/AGP Graphic card
  • Internet Explorer 5.X or higher
  • DirectX 7
  • For Digital Video recording, min. 1-2 GB of free hard disk capacity
  • Digital Satellite Dish

  • Included in the package:
  • WinTV-NOVA-USB Box
  • Externes Netzteil, 12V, 1.25A DC
  • USB Kabel
  • Software on CD ROM (incl. Manual in PDF Format)
  • Quick Installation Guide

  • Connections:
  • LNB input for direct connection to the satellite dish
  • USB connection
  • power connection