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Europe Online introduces the "DSL Freedom Dish"

for Exclusive Satellite Broadband Access across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Caucuses

More than 95% of all EOL Users adopt new Dish

12 December 2003, Betzdorf: Less than three months after Europe Online launched its offensive to bring broadband to citizens everywhere with its Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights and a DSL Volkstarif of 9,90 Euro per month, Europe's premier satellite broadband operator announced today its "DSL Freedom Dish" specifically designed to bring satellite broadband with large and immediate capacity and coverage to every citizen throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus.

"Up until now", said Candace Johnson, EOL's founding president, "satellite broadband was the little sister to satellite television, and operators used to fill up their satellites when they did not have any television clients. The only problem though was that satellite television operators were unwilling to rent the capacity at prices other than the expensive satellite television rates. Thus, prices were kept artificially high and users were denied access to immediate available infrastructure," continued Johnson. "Now satellite broadband has come into its own and deserves its own dish. We have chosen to call it the 'DSL Freedom Dish'."

With the new "DSL Freedom Dish" from Europe Online, users across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus are now liberated from the price dictates of satellite television and are free not only to choose but to have broadband at affordable prices. They can have one dish for television if they so desire and one dish for broadband, without having to pay the expensive premium to pay for broadband on television satellites. "They can have total freedom of choice as well. Most important, they can have immediate affordable access to Broadband - what the EU ministers have declared as being vital to bringing economic prosperity across Europe, Middle East and North Africa and the Caucasus," declared Johnson.

In order to give the most freedom to citizens across Europe to "zap" onto any satellite which has affordable broadband capacity, Europe Online has designed its "DSL Freedom Dish" to be very simple, practical and affordable. At the same time the dish may be used with any satellite so that users may "vote" with their dish to obtain broadband when, where and at the price they want.

The dish is 80cm large to ensure reception of data signals which are more vulnerable than television signals has 1 lnb outdoor electronic to go on any polarization in order to assure absolute flexibility, 10 meters cable with 2F connectors and may be mounted on the wall or a pole.

"It is to be used exclusively for DSL Satellite Broadband and as such is designed to be dedicated exclusively for the computers at home, thus doing away with complicated expensive satellite installations trying to combine television and computer or two rooms at the same time. All you need to do here is install your DSL Sat Dish to your Sat Modem of your PC and you are ready to surf and download at high-speed instantly and at affordable prices", concluded Johnson.

The EOL "DSL Freedom Dish" is retailing at an introductory price of 49,90 Euro and can be purchased along with all other satellite dsl accessesories and EOL E-DSL via satellite service from the web site at

Editor's note

In keeping with the EOL DSL Freedom Dish and the EOL Citizens Broadband Bill of Rights it inaugurated three months ago, EOL recently consolidated all its users and its services onto Eutelsat 7 East, a satellite dedicated almost exclusively to Broadband Satellite access. More than 95% of the users have used the DSL Freedom Dish to move to the Eutelsat 7 Broadband Satellite where they may continue to have satellite broadband at the DSL Volkstarif of 9.90 Euro per month and enjoy EOL's famous E-DSL broadband via satellite service with fast surfing and 2 MB downloads, as well as free, unlimited access to EOL's DSL Digital Library, Mediathek Streams, and E-Lert offline email notification.

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A.
Candace Johnson, President
Tel. +352 719 785 1
Fax. 00352 719 787

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