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What is the Europe Online Download Centre?

The Europe Online Download Centre is one of the most unique and innovative electronic file delivery systems in the world today.

It is a huge digital database of files that can be delivered to your personal computer via satellite. Europe Online's satellite technology guarantees delivery speeds of 2 Mbps across all of Europe Online's satellite transponders. As a result, Europe Online user have access to those very large files, which would be impossible to download in the typical narrowband world.
How does the Download Centre work?

The Europe Online Download Centre is a multicast system. This means that Europe Online only needs to send a download once, and it can be received by many different users.

When a user requests a download, the file is retrieved and placed into a queuing system. When the download is ready for delivery, it is broadcast out via satellite to all users. However, only those users who have requested the download will be able to receive it on their PC.
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