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How is it different from normal Internet downloads?

The downloads are sent via satellite. No more net congestion, no more lost connections, no more large telephone bills while waiting for downloads to be delivered on your normal Internet connection
The downloads are sent at 2Mbps - more than 30x faster than ISDN
The downloads are multicast, not unicast. This means you can take advantage of the downloads that other users have scheduled by requesting them for yourself.
What is the best way to request downloads?

There are four ways to request downloads using the Europe Online Download Centre.

Select one of the Downloads already scheduled for delivery by checking the download delivery schedule
Select one of the downloads from our top download lists and see for yourself what the buzz in all about
Search our large database of downloads - from audio, video, software and games
And if you can't find the file you want in the Europe Online Download database, then use the File Fetch service
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