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How long do I have to wait for a download that I requested?

Since the Download Centre and File Fetch work on a queuing system, there are no standard waiting times. It is first come, first served.

When a file is requested from another website with the File Fetch function and has to be uploaded from our File Fetch servers first, the UPLOAD may, depending on the file size and server capacity, take some time.

Once a file is available on our server and is requested for being downloaded either in the Download Centre or in the File Fetch File Zone, the waiting queue time will be calculated and the customer receives the exact time for the reception of the scheduled file via the 2 Mbps offline download system.

Only the PC, the Kencast Fazzt Client and the DVB card software (tuned to the transponder from which you requested the file) need to be turned on at the given time at which the download is completely offline sent to you.

As the size of the waiting queue always varies depending on the amount of customers who have scheduled files, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a specific time frame for DOWNLOADS.
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